The Courier Industry Isnít What It Used to Be

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Published: 07th January 2011
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When you think of a courier service, many people still picture it as a luxury service for legal documents, special parcels, or other important items. They imagine that these services are outside of their budget, and avoid looking at what these parcel delivery options can offer. The truth is that the courier industry has changed a lot in recent years. With increasing globalization and greater internet access around the world, couriers have expanded their services to fill demand. This has resulted in more efficient delivery companies offering reliable services for affordable prices. Advances in transportation methods and other technology have also altered the industry.

Courier Industry Growth

Over the past twenty years or so, courier services have diversified and expanded all over the world. This was largely driven by globalization of the world markets, and less extensive border restrictions between countries. Simply put, trade between countries was more regulated in the past, and dropping restrictions have improved the ability of businesses to transport goods. Advancements in electronic communication methods also played a large role, particularly the use of internet services. Today, there are courier companies that will allow you to transport your parcel almost anywhere in the world, and express delivery options reduce transportation times significantly. Overall, this growth is creating newer, more efficient services at lower costs.

Changes in Transportation Methods

Since the courier industry sprang up over a hundred years ago, transportation methods have changed significantly. Today, we have affordable high efficiency trucks, vans, trains, ships, and airplanes to get around the world. International parcel delivery is easier than ever with efficient air freight options for express shipments. While efficient and affordable models take precedence, there is also a new movement towards greener methods of transportation. A number of large courier companies are taking on this challenge, and switching to hybrid vehicles in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Application of New Technology

One of the ways that courier companies have remained competitive over the years is by taking advantage of exceptional new technologies that have a lot to add to the industry. Improvements in transportation methods mean that a courier company can use reliable, fuel-efficient vehicles, and transport international packages overseas in no time. Computerized networks have made it possible to organize large shipments, improving both efficiency and security. Tracking technology has allowed customers to trace their parcels all over the world, increasing customer satisfaction. Finally, you canít downplay the role that the internet has had within the courier industry.

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