What is the Difference Between Mailing and Shipping?

Published: 06th April 2011
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Some may wonder what makes a courier different from the postal service. How are mailing and shipping any different from one another?

Mailing and shipping are actually quite different from each other in a number of aspects. Mailing usually refers to the transmitting of a message as in a letter or a postcard.

In the days before the postal service, one normally relayed messages through the usage of a telegraph service, but when sending mail became a reality, the telegraph faded out and people sent their messages through postal mail. The postal service then became known as not only handling short messages, but people became enthralled with the fact that entire letters and packets of documents could be sent via the postal system.

Although postal services do deliver small packages , the characteristics of their services differ greatly from the way a private courier carries out their day-to-day duties. The term shipping, which originally was used to refer to parcels that were sent across the water via a ship, also came to refer to goods that were transported via train or airplane. Courier companies have become synonymous, therefore, with the delivery of transporting merchandise, also known as parcel, as opposed to letters and messages.

Postal carriers may spend their day delivering letters, postcards and magazines with the exception of some small packages, but courier services spend their day driving various routes to deliver goods that have been shipped to recipients in their service area. Parcel couriers are also private companies, whereas postal carriers such as the Royal Mail are run by the government.

Since parcel couriers are private, they are in abundance around the world and there are numerous companies that compete with one another. Since there is only one mail service in each country, there is no competition when it comes to sending letters and simple messages.

Therefore, sometimes deciding what delivery service to use can be a challenge. One of the greatest resources that can be used to compare the various courier companies available is a website called myParcelDelivery™.com. myParcelDelivery™.com gives users an instant quote of the cost of shipping their package, comparing the rates of some of the best courier services UK has to offer, such as Home

Delivery Network, City Link, and DHL. They feature everything from international couriers to same day couriers to heavy parcel couriers, and help to make the choice easier with the instant presentation of information right at the user’s fingertips. Visitors can even book a pickup online and have shipping labels emailed to their computer so that they can have their package all set for when the courier arrives.

So when you think of mailing, think of messages, and when you think of shipping, think of goods.

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